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Vamp is an open-source bounty platform designed to empower project maintainers, and the contributors that make them great.

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For Maintainers

Sync your Github issues and reference them in bounties directly. Save time rewarding your contributors.

A better way to send money.

Realtime issue syncing

Easily reference open Github Issues in a bounty directly from your dashboard.

Flexible bounty pricing

Select a fixed price for your bounty, or a price range depending on the quality of the submissions you receive.

Add multiple Bounties at once

Bulk-add bounties by selecting multiple Github issues. Preserve your issue content from Github to save time.

For Contributors

Powerful, fun tools for Contributors to build their open-source resume, and make money while doing it.

Turn your expertise into a side hustle

Leverage your skills in web development, design or community management by contributing to open-source projects that power the web. Track your payouts via a comprehensive dashboard.

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Build your resume

Collect achievements and tokens for completing bounties. Show off your progress and open-source resume to the world.

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Make your mark

Collect Blood for each accepted bounty submission. Climb the leaderboard and make a name for yourself!

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Completely Open Source

We support open source, so why not make our site open source! Feel free to read, review, or contribute.

Make your mark
Start using Vamp today.

No payment required until your first acceptable submission is received.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions please get in touch.

Who is this platform for?
Vamp is useful for both open-source maintainers and open-source contributors. If you are a project maintainer, or somebody looking to dip your toes into open-source and make money while doing it, Vamp is for you!
How is this different from other bounty platforms?
Vamp is open-source, so there is full transparency how the platform operates. Also, Vamp offers extremely low fees, and does not impose withdrawal fees or inactivity fees like other bounty platforms.
How do I get paid out?
Once your bounty submission is accepted and paid out by a project owner, payouts are handled through Stripe on a rolling daily basis. You will need to link a debit card or bank account via Stripe to handle receiving payments.
Is there a fee?
Vamp will charge a 5% fee + 50c for each payment made through our platform. If this is a deal-breaker for your project please get in touch.
How can I contribute?
Vamp is open-source! To contribute feel free to open an issue if you believe you've encountered a bug or make a pull request to add new features/make quality-of-life improvements/fix bugs.